Adina Sutton


Adina Sutton is a professional visual artist born and raised in Boston, MA. Her love for art began when she was 15 years old, where she was the sole graphic designer of her father's community newspaper, The Boston People's Voice.


After gaining her degree from Pine Manor College, Adina has showcased and exhibited her original wall art at events across the city of Boston, and most recently is taking Southern Mass by storm! Adina's mission is to connect beautiful original/handmade visual works of art with enthusiastic new owners and art lovers, and to one day provide a platform for emerging artists of all styles and genres in the form of an OpenStudio within the Boston area and Surrounding Areas.

With a B.A. in Visual Arts, Adina has been creating original artwork for over 10 years. This portfolio showcases Adina's full body of work including artwork for sale, artwork previously sold, and artwork sketches and drafts.

Adina is a member of the Attleboro Arts Museum, and a Notary Public of the Commonwealth